Tornado running day, The Wensleydale Whirlwind II

We are repeating our Wensleydale Whirlwind, with nonstop running from Northallerton West to Redmire.

As a prelude there will be a regular return train from Leeming to Redire at 12:00, then we will run the Wensleydale Whirlwind II.

Departing Leeming Bar at 17:00 the train will run to Northallerton West, where the loco will run round before heading to Redmire, non-stop. A further run round will take place at Redmire before the train returns to Leeming Bar, where it is planned to arrive at approximately 20:30.

There will be a full bar with beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks teas and coffees.

Note that the Whirlwind is from Leeming to Leeming, there is no opportunity to board or alight at any intermediate station.

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