Leeming & Leyburn

Blue Timetable

Explore the Dale by train.

Explore the Dales from either Leeming Bar or Leyburn on one of our heritage diesel trains. Start in Leeming or Bedale and explore the gateway to the Dales with its classic Yorkshire market square, interesting shops and local pubs. The station is walking distance from the ample car parking in the town and Bedale is just off the A1. Take the train to Leyburn, the capital of the Dale. Again a classic Yorkshire town with quaint shops, pubs and real dale’s atmosphere. There are a number of short walks based on Leyburn, with “The Shawl” giving spectacular views over the Dales for very little effort. Alternatively, if you are staying at the campsite at Finghall, why not use the train to explore both Bedale, Leeming Bar or Leyburn. Or if you are in Leyburn use the train to visit Bedale or Leeming Bar, the choice is yours. the blue timetable uses one of our heritage diesel locomotives and recently refurbished bue and grey coaching stock

All tickets are rovers so hop on or off where you want.


Leeming & Leyburn
Train Loco Loco Loco
Leeming Bar Dep 10:30 12:50 15:15
Bedale Arr 10:37 12:57 15:22
Dep 10:40 13:00 15:25
Finghall Lane Arr 10:57 13:17 15:42
Dep 10:58 13:18 15:43
Leyburn Arr 11:13 13:33 15:58
Leeming & Leyburn
Train Loco Loco Loco
Leyburn Dep 11:45 14:10 16:30
Finghall Lane Arr 12:00 14:25 16:45
Dep 12:01 14:26 16:46
Bedale Arr 12:17 14:42 17:02
Dep 12:20 14:45 17:05
Leeming Bar Arr 12:27 14:52 17:12