Wensleydale Railway

The Wensleydale Railway is an authentic Heritage Railway running from Leeming bar in the Vale of Mowbray to Redmire in the spectacular Yorkshire Dales..

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Wensleydale Railway is working very hard behind the scenes to return the line to working as soon as we are able. However, with no traffic for months we face issues of vegetation and line repair, which we are already now working on, following the slight relaxing of the Government guidance. We are also using the down time to complete some much needed engineering work: Leeming Bar Station House; Harmby track work and a possible crossing renewal. We will start to run services when these works have been fully completed. In parallel with track and infrastructure work, restoration of rolling stock continues with external contractors as we ready ourselves for Polar Express

Please note, that the railway is still operational for works trains and MOD services to Redmire, and as such is still a live railway. Trespass on the track is not only dangerous but also a criminal offence. Please keep off the railway, for your own safety.



Information about the line

Infrastructure Upgrade 2020

Follow us as we undertake the largest single infrastructre project on the line.

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In The News

New of progress and projects around the railway

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The Railway run regular services between Leeming Bar and Redmire using both Heritage Diesel and Steam haulage

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In addition to the regular services the railway hosts events and special trains through out the year

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About The Line

For full details on the line and stations along the route.

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Afternoon Tea Services

Treat yourself to an Afternoon Tea as you admire the dales scenery from on one of our special services

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Special Events

Polar Express

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