Become a sponsor of the Wensleydale Railway PLC and enjoy a range of exclusive benefits from a free annual afternoon tea train to options of free travel for you and your guests!


As a Wensleydale Railway PLC sponsor, your monthly donation plays a vital part in supporting the railway’s development and helps to secure its future for the next generation to enjoy. Your support provides the railway with a number of benefits:


  • Regular and predictable income to ensure that we can keep the railway running
  • Support for business development and improvement plans
  • The ability to plan ahead with a greater degree of certainty
  • Protection and stability during times of uncertainty, unforeseen events or emergency


In return for your monthly support, you will enjoy a range of benefits from a free annual sponsors’ afternoon tea train to options of free travel for you and guests. Our sponsorship scheme starts from only £5 per month. All sponsors will be issued with an annual membership card and are entitled to receive 10% discount at our shops and cafes.

Choose from three sponsorship categories with the following benefits:

Category Monthly Donation Benefits
Bronze £5 to under £10 Enjoy one of the sponsors’ afternoon tea trains.
Silver £10 to under £20 Travel with a guest on one sponsors’ afternoon tea train. Four scheduled return train journeys each year with a guest.
Gold £20 or more A table for four people on one sponsors’ afternoon tea train. Ten scheduled return train journeys each year with a guest


As a sponsor, we invite you to attend one of our two special sponsors’ afternoon tea trains held each year. These trains operate from Leeming Bar to Leyburn and back. Staff and/or Directors will attend this event so that you have the chance to chat and catch up on railway news. You will travel free and dependant upon your level of sponsorship up to 3 guests can also travel with you for free.


Please set up a Standing Order directly with your bank. You can do this online or by instructing your bank by telephone or post. Alternatively you can download our Standing Order Form from the button below for more information and instructions.

Please send us a copy of the completed Standing Order Form so that we can record and acknowledge your generous support. Thank you!

Sponsorship Administrator

Wensleydale Railway PLC

Leeming Bar Station

Leases Road

Leeming Bar

North Yorkshire



Phone: 01677 425805