Wensleydale Railway PLC

Wensleydale Railway plc is a limited company with about 3,900 shareholders, of which the largest holding is by the Wensleydale Railway Association (Trust) Ltd. The plc Board of Directors is legally responsible for operating the railway safely and efficiently and for ensuring that finance is raised and expenditure controlled.

They are volunteers, unpaid for their work. The monthly Board meetings are also attended by Teresa Chapman (Finance Manager), Tim Gregson (PA to the Management Team)and Philip Smith (Company Secretary). Another key role supporting the Board is held by Peter Harbord (Shares Registrar).

Currently there are 9 Directors on the Board. Although they have collective responsibility for the railway as a whole, they each have a particular responsibility as outlined below:-

Steve Davies Marketing, Steam Services, Contingency Plans
Alex Dudiak Timetables, IT and website, HASCOM
Martin Cleaver Finance, Personnel, Commercial Activities
Richard Leathley Properties
Russell Lord Permanent Way, Infrastructure
Nigel Park Operations, Station Teams
John Smithson Community Engagement
David Walker Business Plans, Grants
Tim Williamson Rolling Stock, Maintenance

While the company does not have a General Manager, those functions are shared between Martin Cleaver, Nigel Park and Tim Williamson, together with Terry Larder (who is not a Director).
Alex Dudiak, Richard Leathley, John Smithson and David Walker are also Council members and Trustees of Wensleydale Railway Association (Trust) Ltd, ensuring that the two railway companies
work together.

Would you like to join our team?

New Board members are always welcome. If you are interested in supporting the railway’s development, please contact us at admin@wensleydalerailway.com