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A series of fascinating live digital talks is being provided free over Zoom and/or Facebook. There were five talks in March, one each week, two in April and from May until September we will be hosting one talk per month on a range of topics. They won’t all be about aspects of the railway’s history or collections some will be wider ranging for example about our local area and landscape, industrial heritage, the 1920’s including fashion, music and women’s emancipation. 

If you would like to take part in any of our talks you can join by following the link underneath the event below or alternatively you can join through our Facebook event. 


Wednesday 9th June at 7pm: Geoff Holme will be joining us for a talk based on a tour organised by the Furness Railway in the years leading from the turn of the century until the outbreak of the First World War.


Using a collection of postcards and photographs, Geoff will share the experience of the Edwardian tourist.



You can join us below: 

Topic: WR Talk: Geoff Holme – “An Edwardian Lakeland Tour”

Time: Jun 9, 2021 19:00 London


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Meeting ID: 863 0038 0256

Passcode: 651173


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