The AGM was finally convened at 11am on Saturday the 27th of Feb, via a group zoom call. Over 50 members of the Board, Trust and shareholders attended and the technology held up to provide a very useful meeting. Thanks go to everybody who took time out of their day to attend, and the Board would like to thank everybody for their ongoing support for our progress, especially though these dificult times.

A number of written questions were received right up to a few hours before the meeting and these have been addressed with the details below

Is the zoom AGM legally constituted? – Yes.
Two questions on the sponsorship leaflet – passed to Robert Carter and dealt with. 
How to proxy vote and who are the directors? – Dealt with by Registrar and by Chairman pre and in meeting.
Why is the railway persisting with polluting engines and what is its function? – Simple and direct answer, because we are a tourist/heritage railway.
Vegetation clearance near Newton-le-Willows methodology questions – Dealt with directly and in Chairman’s opening address.
Questions from previous AGMs and presentation of the minutes – Answered directly by Chair.
More in depth information about those two Directors standing for election – Answered directly and in the meeting by Chairman.

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Again thank you for your patience in these difficult times.