This year’s AGMs will be held on Saturday 30th September. The venue is Chantry Hall, North End, Bedale DL8 1AF. Registration is from 09:45am. The PLC AGM will start at 10:30am and the Trust AGM will start at 11:15 am.

Although the objects of the Wensleydale Railway PLC and Wensleydale Railway Association (Trust) Limited are slightly different, we feel there is so much overlap that it makes sense for our members and shareholders to hear both AGMs if they wish.

The AGMs will be followed by some presentations and a chance to ask questions. There will be a buffet lunch available for a small fee.

Following this we invite both shareholders and members to ride the line with us on the 3pm train from Bedale to Leyburn in reserved coaches where Directors and Trustees can answer any questions you may have on the Railway and they can point out items of interest. The Train will be back at Bedale before 5pm.

PLC Accounts for 2022-2023

Download - Accounts 2022-2023 PDF
Download - Accounts 2022-2023 Word

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Trust Accounts for 2022-2023

Download - Trust Accounts 2023

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