While most of the focus over the last few months has been on the Leeming Bar station house, a dedicated team have been working away in the Maintenece Shed refurbishing some of our coaching stock ready for Polar Express.

Mk2 TSO 5378 has been stripped and a number of major issues tackled. These included replaceing fogged and blown windows, replacing the vestiblue flooring and plating over the center doors. The coach has now been re-assemble and is being re-painted into blue and grey livery. Should be exiting the shed shortly and will look superb for Polar.

We also took possesion of Mk2f 6163, which had been used as a fire training vehicle for some time. It was in excellent condition both internally and externally, so didnt need a huge amount of work doing to it. Some windows are being replaced, and it has had a good intrenal clean. Its now in undercoat waiting to be re-painted.

In addition to our coaching stock, some of our infrastructure vehicles have had some attention. the most striking is our Shark Ballast plough, which has had its verandas re-build, been completely repainted and now look great in its ‘Loadhaul’ black and orange livery, with the wasp stripes capping an incredible change. This vehicle is going to play a big role in a number of planned infrastructure projects in the near future.

The above images show some of the progress made to date.