Thanks to EP Investments UK the railway has been donated over a mile of track from the now closed Eggborough powerstation, the one small catch is that we need to recover the track and move to Wensleydale as soon as possible.

A small team has been on site at Eggborough preparing the track ready for lifting and loading onto trucks for the trip north. The track is earmarked for another major relay operation over the winter, targetting an area of life expired track between Redmire and Wensley.


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Once the track had been cleared and the railws unclipped and where required cut to length, the rails were lifted and moved to a stacking point ready for transport to Wensleydale. Use of 2 RRV’s made this task much simplet that having plain old muscle to move the heavy rails


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The first sleepers start to arrive at Redmire, we are expecting over 35 lorry loads of materials to be delivered to Redmire in readyness for a major replay project between here and Wensley. Initially we wanted to move all the materials by rail but unfortunately the access tracks between the powerstation and the main line are flooded, so no chance of running any trains.


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