We are pleased to announce that the Wensleydale Railway are getting some assistance in the major infrasturcure upgrade project. The British Army, in the shape of 507 Specialist Team Royal Engineers (STRE). They have been helping us plan the project for aome months now, but their involvement has been kept quiet for security reasons, but now they are assembling their equipment and Catterick and Redmire its dificult to keep it secrect any longer. 

This will be Exercise ‘Turnout 20’, and is the largest Railway Excercise sinec 1988 and the first Railway Excercise involving the Royal Engineers since 1965. It will involve nearly 100 troops with many from NATO allies, lets hope the weather holds out for them as they will have enough to contend with without a few ‘soft’ days thrown in.

Its great seeing the amount of kit they can provide, if a little odd that all the equipment is in green rather than the more usual yellow !

All of this work is to enable the railway to be in a position to re-open with Polar in Novermber, and is not cheap, so if you can, please donate to our appeal below.


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