Group Bookings Terms & Conditions

1. Terms

The following terms apply to the context of these Terms and Conditions:
Us, Railway, Company means Wensleydale Railway plc.;
Group, Party means a party of at least 15 persons wishing to book a journey on the Railway;
Organiser means the person, broker or agent making the booking on behalf of a Group;
Child means any person under the age of 16.


2. Numbers

Minimum numbers: a group booking must consist of at least 15 persons, unless otherwise confirmed in writing
by the Wensleydale Railway.
Final Numbers on normal running days:
The Organiser to give final numbers for bookings no later than 14 days prior to the date of travel. In the case of
late increased number changes, the Railway, while endeavouring to supply seats for the extra passengers,
cannot guarantee that these will be available.


3. Acceptance of Booking

Our email confirmation of a group booking will be deemed an acceptable contract unless notified in
writing/email within 7 days.

4. Deposit

A non-refundable deposit of £2.00 per person that is travelling is required at the time of confirmation of the
booking unless otherwise agreed in writing on the booking form by the Railway.


5. Payment of the Balance

The balance of the remainder of the payment is due 14 days prior to the date of travel, unless otherwise agreed
in writing on the booking form the Railway. The price will vary depending on the number of passengers there is
booked onto the group the price list is available upon request.


6. Cancellation of Booking and Refund of Monies

By the Organiser:
Confirmation of any cancellation of a booking must be provided in writing (an email is acceptable). Provided
that the booking is cancelled at least fourteen days prior to the date of travel then the Railway will refund any
monies due to the Organiser, less the non-refundable booking fee within 30 days.
By the Railway:
In the event of the Railway being unable to provide a train on the day of travel, the Railway will refund the
entire amount to the organiser within 30 days of notifying the organiser.


7. Accomodation of Passengers

Right to a reserved coach:

Unless otherwise confirmed in writing by the Railway a booking does not entitle the Group to sole occupation or
reservation of a coach or a compartment within a coach.
Where a Group has paid for a coach to be reserved, the Group shall have exclusive use of the coach for the
period of the booked journey only, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the Railway.
Seating of Groups:
The Railway will endeavour to make reasonable effort to seat Groups together where possible; however this
may not be possible on the busier services during the peak period, steam services or special events.
Groups containing young children will be seated together with their carers.


8. Right to amend Timetable

 The Railway reserves the right to amend train times as required for operational reasons. In the case of this
happening prior to the date of travel, the Railway will endeavour to contact the Organiser to offer an alternate
train time or date. If the organiser is unable to accept these alternatives then a full refund will be issued as per
condition 6.


9. Punctuality of Trains

The Railway endeavours to run to the times published in the timetable or any amendment thereof; however,
the Railway will not accept any liability for costs incurred by the Organiser arising from the late running of the
Railway’s trains.


10. Type of Train

The Railway makes no guarantee as to the type of locomotive or unit that will be provided on a particular
journey; this includes journeys where a steam locomotive may be normally scheduled.


11. Disabled Passengers

The Railway will make every effort to accommodate passengers with disabilities. However as the Railway utilises
heritage stock, there are some vehicles that are unsuitable for passengers in wheelchairs. Please let the Railway
know if members of the Group require wheelchair access and the Railway will aim to provide accommodation
for wheelchairs – however, this may be in the form of the Brake coach on certain trains. Carers travel free.


12. Unaccompanied Children

Groups of Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by at least one adult, unless otherwise agreed beforehand in writing with the Railway. Our general policy is one adult travels free with every 8 children under
the age of 15.