Frequent services from Bedale to Leeming Bar and Scruton, with access to our award winning interpretive station at Scruton and our Station House Explorers’ Trail at Leeming Bar.

Join us on a train journey back in time.

Your journey with the railway starts at Bedale Station. Nestled on the outside of a tight curve in the line, this station has served the bustling market town of Bedale for well over 150 years. Before you board your Pacer Diesel train, why not visit the craft and gift shop at the station. From here you will travel eastwards to the engineering and operational hub of the railway at Leeming Bar. This beautiful Victorian station has been the beneficiary of much attention and National Lottery money in the last two years and you have the choice to either alight here or continue down the line to Scruton, where you will step back into the Edwardian times.

At Scruton, you can visit the fully restored and multi award winning station building, including the piggery and Tram Shed workshop in the back garden. You can also spend some time visiting the “Thankful Village” of Scruton itself which is a delight, you will be handed a leaflet showing walks and the places of interest in the village.

Visit Percy’s Tea Shop on the platform at Scruton for hot and cold drinks, ice creams and snacks.

For a small village there is quite a lot to see and do in Scruton. There are a number of short walks centered on the village pub (open Wednesdays onwards at 12:00), these can give you an excuse for a drink or a meal or help burn some calories after your lunch!

When you do return, make sure to get off the train at Leeming Bar and see the extent of the restoration work carried out and how plans are evolving and history is being brought back to life here as well, but this time, it is the 1920’s! Follow the Station House Explorers’ Trail around the station building and see the work we are carrying out to improve Leeming Bar station.

All tickets are rovers, so you can book on your outward service from Bedale but board the train at Leeming Bar or Bedale, if you fancy a walk you can board at Scruton but it is a typical Victorian rural station so has no car parking facilities. Travel on any service up and down the line get on and off where you want, or stay on and simply enjoy the ride.


Train Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel
Bedale Dep 10:30 11:40 13:20 14:30 15:40
Leeming Bar Arr 10:37 11:47 13:27 14:37 15:47
Dep 10:40 11:50 13:30 14:40 15:50
Scruton* Arr 10:47 11:57 13:37 14:47 15:57
Train Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel
Scruton* Dep 11:15 12:25 14:05 15:15 16:25
Leeming Bar Arr 11:23 12:33 14:13 15:23 16:33
Dep 11:30 12:40 14:20 15:30 16:40
Bedale Arr 11:37 12:47 14:27 15:77 16:47


– Please note that Scruton is an authentic Edwardian station and as such has no car parking facility. Please either start your journey at Leeming or Bedale or be prepared to walk from Scruton village to the station.