Wensleydale Railway Association (Trust) Ltd (Reg. No. 1088324) working with Wensleydale Railway Plc

The Wensleydale Railway runs through some of the most attractive countryside in the UK, however, as everyone is aware the past 18 months have been extremely difficult for most people and businesses.

Covid and its effects has resulted in the infrastructure and trackside maintenance undergoing a considerable set-back. We need to ensure that our track meets the current regulations for the running of the railway, this will require a considerable commitment from everyone at the Wensleydale Railway to carry out the work required. The comment from the ORR Chief Inspector described much of the trackwork as having reached the end of its useful life which perfectly sums up the situation which we are faced with. To rectify this we need to carry out the following :-

1) We have 40 miles of fencing much of which requires replacement or reinstatement as it is sub-standard or missing. New fencing is ap-prox. £10/metre, a total cost in the order of £40,000.00

2) The replacement of life expired or sub standard track, sleepers and ballast. For instance 1000 sleepers require replacing this year, also we can no longer get fishplates for the older rails, should one fail the track is no longer us-able. The reality is that to run through to Leyburn by Christmas we will need to address some significant areas of concern in respect of both the track and associated crossings etc from Leeming Bar to Leyburn at an estimated cost of £38,000.00

3) The vegetation team have worked hard to keep the trackside clear, however as we have had a year of reduced maintenance, the track- side has become overgrown and in need of considerable intervention. Approximately 200 Diseased ash trees now require felling or pollarding specialist work. To enable running to Leyburn by Christmas we will need to employ tree surgeons to remove these. A cost of £30,000.00 would include tree surgeons to remove or pollard larger trees along with additional weed killing and other vegetation work.

Whilst we cannot expect to undertake all the work required for the full 22 miles of track we do, however, need to prioritise and fund work to enable us to keep as much of the line in working order as possible and improve it to ensure its long term survival and to enable us to run trains and a service which will provide funding for the future maintenance and improvements.

Trains cannot run without tracks and tracks must be safe and meet the required standards in all respects. Our existence depends on the availability and security of the track.

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