The abbreviation for Emperor or Empress of India as it appears on coins with dates pre-1949.

The title itself was taken by Queen Victoria in 1876. This came after the last Mughal emperor had been deposed and control of British India and the princely states had been transferred from the East India Company to the British Crown.

Although the Durbar, which was the proclamation of the Emperor, had taken place in India in 1877 and 1903 it was only in 1911 when the Emperor himself was present. George V and Queen Mary attended the magnificent imperial coronation ceremony in Delhi, India wearing their coronation robes, the King wearing the newly created Imperial Crown of India. The Crown weighs 920g (2.03 lb) and is set with 6,170 diamonds, 9 emeralds, 4 rubies, and 4 sapphires. At the front is a very fine emerald weighing 32 carats (6.4g). King George wrote in his diary that it was heavy and uncomfortable to wear: “Rather tired after wearing my crown for 3+1⁄2 hours; it hurt my head, as it is pretty heavy.”

When independence had been won by India and Pakistan in 1947, the title was no longer to be used. Coins dated 1949 onwards were restyled without IND IMP.