The Harold Wilson Plots

During the 80-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II, there were instances in which another member of the royal family also came into power – all of which relates to former Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

Harold Wilson presided over two separate Labour governments between 1964-1970 and 1974-1976, although his terms in office were almost interrupted on two occasions.

The first plot against Wilson occurred in 1968 during a meeting between a high-ranking media figure, a government adviser, and Lord Louis Mountbatten of Burma (uncle of Prince Phillip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II). In this meeting, it was suggested that should Wilson be removed from power, Lord Mountbatten would step in as head of a new administration to stabilise the country. The plot quickly fell apart after it was labelled as treasonous.

Rumours of another coup d’état against Wilson surfaced in 1974 shortly after his election victory. Again, Lord Mountbatten was suggested as head of a military government that would rule after Wilson had been deposed. Wilson himself has alleged that the 1974 army occupation of Heathrow Airport was in fact a show of military power, and not an anti-terrorism training exercise.