Wensleydale Railway Association (Trust) Ltd (Reg. No. 1088324) working with Wensleydale Railway Plc

After a year when lockdowns and other restrictions have prevented the Wensleydale Railway from running trains, the operating company, Wensleydale Railway plc, is addressing the work required to bring the railway and its rolling stock back up to a good condition ready for when it is allowed to operate again. This is being done section by section starting with line between Scruton and Bedale Stations. The intention is, to provide an hourly DMU service between the two stations also calling at Leeming Bar when trains are allowed to run again,

For this to become possible the railway needs a lot of materials and equipment.

Can you help with this process by ‘buying’ one or more of these items? To do so, please either click on the link below to go to our Just Giving page or select the code letter as a reference and either send a cheque, made out to WRA(T), or pay by bank transfer to:

Wensleydale Railway Association (Trust) Ltd

Sort Code: 40-35-03;  Account Number: 61322044

We also need you to complete the attached form (for our records and to claim Gift Aid) and post it with your cheque, or email it to: john.smithson6@gmail.com

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Code Item Purpose Comment Cost
A Repairs to UWCs (User Worked Crossings) To make usage safe with adequate gates and signs Ensures our crossings comply with modern standards Up to £500 per UWC
B Volunteer Medical checks To ensure safety of volunteers We must ensure that our volunteers are medically fit for their roles £100 per Volunteer
C Workstation and printer for Rolling Stock Repairs To enable proper records of Rolling Stock condition & repairs to be kept Improves our record keeping by utilising computer-based systems £450
D Small office in the maintenance shed for above workstation To hold records and technical manuals close to where the work is done Prevents the records and technical manuals from becoming damaged or misplaced. £500
F Kissing Gates for Public Footpath Crossings To ensure safety of walkers Required to improve safety standards for walkers on footpaths which cross the railway £300 per gate (plus 25% grant)
G Renew Whistle Boards To ensure safe operation of the railway Some of our boards have been damaged whilst trains have not been running £60 per board
H Stock Fencing For field boundaries.

To ensure livestock can’t stray onto the line.

We have over 40 miles of fencing to maintain so are in constant need for appropriate fencing materials


£10 per metre
I Post & Rail Fencing To repair/replace urban boundary


To meet health and safety


£15 per metre
N Repairs to Woodchipper For vegetation team to chip branches and small trees Will significantly reduce the need for unwanted bonfires and allow the chippings to be re-cycled back to the land £500
O Drainpipes and Channels To ensure the line is properly drained Poor drainage accelerates the deterioration of the trackwork and leads to track bed erosion £50 for a 4m pipe or 2x 500mm channels
P Limestone Ballast For Track Repairs A never-ending requirement to keep the track safe and secure and replace poor quality ash ballast £25 per ton or £500 for a 20-ton load
Q Rubberised crossing sections To repair crossings to a satisfactory level Provides a much more robust surface to cope with modern farm machinery crossing the track £600
R Re-upholstering Bubble Car Carriage seats To ensure the seats in our coaches are in proper condition for use Good quality seating is important for our passengers £100 per seat
S Sleepers to replace life expired ones £30 each
T Fishplates to replace life expired ones £80 pair

(If your selected item(s) have already been funded, WRA(T) will use your donation to pay for an alternative item from this list)