With the recovery of the required sleepers for the Harmby re-lay part of the project complete, they have now been transported to our infrastructure railhead. This was no mean task with over 750 sleepers needing to be moved and made ready for re-use.

We are now in the process of ordering the hardwood timbers required for Swale Bridge. Just to give some idea of the costs involved, the timber alone for this portion of the project is over £12,000. But without replacemen of the existing timbers we would soon be in a  position where the line to Northallerton would be closed to all traffic. Other items on the shopping list also add up, inlcuding

  • 700 Tons Ballast
  • Transport of flat bottom rail to site
  • Transport of new ballast
  • New crossing deck for Wensley

In total we are looking at over £50,000 of expenditure on this project, so any contribution, big or small, is greatly appreciated, and we are open to corporate sponsorship as well as personal donations.


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