With the rail for the Harmby Relay project now deposited at Leyburn, we can turn our focus to the renewal of the crossing deck at Wensley.  To date the Railway has upgraded nearly all of our road crossings to use modern decking components, with Wensley left as one of the last traditional tarmac crossings. As part of Turnout 20 we are replacing the crossing with a totally new deck comprising of a Polysafe panelled deck. The hardware for this is costing in the region of £20,000, but the results will be a much safer and lower maintenance crossing, with a life span much in excess of a traditional ashphalt topped crossing. We are also planning to slew the track slightly to permit the installation of a pasing loop in the future if and when traffic levels between Leyburn and redmire require 2 train working.



Wensley Crossing

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Swale Bridge

The new timbers for Swale bridge have now been delivered to Leeming Bar, this one lorry load of specially procured and sawn timber cost in excess of £13,000 ! So please donate if you can.

All three major projects are now active.