the weekend is already apon us and progress so far has been good. The rail has arrived for Harmby, the crossing at Wensley has been dug out, new track laid and the decking supports are in. Swale bridge is being re-timbered, with all the timber we require having been delivered. We have required some extra assistance from volunteers to prepare the sleepers for Harmby, as with over 700 needing to be checked and the fittings assembled/repaired its a huge task.

There is still lots to do, especially at Harmby where the relay will need to be completed by wednesday when we are expecting a train of new ballast to some off the main line and be deposited on the new track, keep an eye out for that, as it will probably see a train of auto-ballasters top and tailed, probably for the first time on this line. Bringing the ballast in by rail saves on countelss lorries along the already congested dales roads, but its not cheap, with the railway having to cover the full economic cost of the train, so any donations are greatly appreciated,



Wensley Crossing

New track is in and ballasted, with the side beams of the new decking also concreted in and leveled. Remaining task is to install the rest of the crossing deck and make good the tarmac on either side, plus renew the road markings.

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As the sun sets at Harmby the new flat bottomed rail is positioned in the cess ready for the sleepers.