Both pacers resting at Leyburn while on Driver Training

Love them or hate them, the BR Class 142 ‘Pacer’ have been stalwarts of many rural and urban services for over 35 years. With changes to rules regarding disabled access these units are now being phased out on the main line, with many heading for scrap. However all is not lost and we can announce that a generous supporter of The Wensleydale Railway has kindly obtained 2 units, one of which will be donated to the railway. They arrived on Monday 10th Feb, directly from storage via our mainline connection, and were then used for gauging and driver training with a run from Leemng to Redmire. Probably the first time a 142 has ventured that far down the line.

It is likely to be primarily used on shuttles between Leeming Bar and Scruton in association with our Heritage Education Program, but will also see use on the western section of the railway on days when the Bubble would be over crowded but not warranting a loco and stock. 

We will be using both units for all services on the 23rd Feb, ‘Pacer Day’. 

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